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    WWE SmackDown Vs RAW 2007


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    WWE SmackDown Vs RAW 2007

    Mesaj  Administrator Bir Cuma Eyl. 11, 2009 7:25 pm

    The WWE knocks the snot out of the world with an all-new multi-platform wrestling smackfest. New additions this year include a brand new analog control grappling system, new high-impact movesets, user-controlled environmental hotspots and an interactive fighting area within the crowd. In addition, the game includes updated rosters for Raw and SmackDown, an expanded General Manager Mode and online multiplayer game play with voice chat support.

    Product Features
    * An all-new analogue control system, environmental hotspots, high impact combination moves and an enhanced season mode give players unprecedented levels of choice and control
    * Battle beyond the ring and closer to the crowd than ever!
    * Feel the intensity of a WWE live event by engaging the crowd in an all-new highly interactive fighting area beyond the ring
    * Grab signs, weapons and other items from the crowd to take the battle to the next level
    * Dozens of enhancements to top game features including updated WWE Rosters for both SmackDown and Raw, robust create-a-player, online multiplayer gameplay with voice chat, and more

    rapidshare.com Ww...part01.rar
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    rapidshare.com Ww...part03.rar
    rapidshare.com Ww...part04.rar
    rapidshare.com Ww...part05.rar
    rapidshare.com Ww...part06.rar
    rapidshare.com Ww...part06.rar
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